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Connecting Dots
Man flying a quadcopter drone


Filling Capability Gaps

We develop innovative and specialized solutions for varying problem sets and capability gaps. Whether cradle-to-grave application development, R&D consulting, or custom AI-ML solutions, we strive to fill capability gaps for all.

Solution Development Portfolio

Rooted in practical problem solving, user feedback, and efficiency, our application and custom artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions have helped users capture and use their data more efficiently.


Drone Media

Custom AI/ML

Image by DeepMind

Take your range time to the next level with our mobile application that provides near real-time coaching and progress tracking for the shooting, security, and firearm industry. ShootSmart relies only on a user's manual data entries or pictures - no extra hardware required.

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In-house expertise for drone-based aerial photography and videography. Perfect for surveying property from above, capturing action video from sports events, or creating unique marketing media!

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have myriad uses and depend foremost on the data used to train them and the algorithm type used on that data. Find new insights and deliver unprecedented results using information you're likely already collecting and storing.


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Schraeder Technologies

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