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Field Sunset


Your One-Stop Solution Shop

Do you have an idea, but lack the background to make it happen? At Schraeder Technologies, we bring your vision to life through a wide range of development services. We’ve provided clients with the tools and skills to overcome their technology and research challenges. From the initial concept to the final result, we provide personalized attention and guidance throughout the whole process.


The Problem Solvers Who Make the Difference


Logan Schraeder

Owner, Chief Technology Officer


Logan has a diverse background that includes over a decade of combined experience in defense research and innovation, Army combat arms, and engineering testing and certification. He has led and executed engineering testing and prototyping, defense research and development projects, and facilitated stakeholder collaboration on emerging technologies. Logan received his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering (Minor in Mathematics) from Wichita State.

Areas of Expertise

  • Defense Research and Development

    • UAS/UAVs, drones, and advanced air vehicles​

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    • Project Management

  • Vehicle Dynamics and Ballistics​

  • Application Development

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