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Drone Media Services

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography still-shots and video frame extractions. Packages can include editing or just raw photos.

Aerial Video

Aerial video taken in 4K. Great for capturing unique events, surveying property, and social media marketing.


Visual-media surveying. Useful for getting a bird's eye view of property lines, plot layouts, rooftop inspections, and comparing seasonal changes.

How it Works

After reaching out or booking an appointment, we'll work to decide on a time, place, and style of media you want. On the day of your appointment, we'll arrive at the location, set up, go over any fine points (if you're around) and get to filming!

Afterwards, we will review the shots taken together. From there the media will go into editing and post-processing, get final feedback, and then finally be sent to you.

*For surveys or inspections, no editing besides basic video clipping is provided. The data is essentially raw and for your use.

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